6 Steps to Creating Your Coziest Home Ever

1. Lighting - Switch cool bulbs for warm ones, and it's important in a living room to have multiple light sources - brighter ones for larger gatherings, smaller ones for more intimate gatherings or a night in. 

2. Curl-up - Find pieces you can curl up with on a Sunday afternoon, feet sunk deep in the cushions, reading a book and drinking tea.

3. Touch - An old leather chair, a worn wood table, a fluffy throw, a patterned rug - items with lots of texture, that are interesting to touch and hold, add warmth to a room.

4. Color - Every color has a mood. Cooler colors make a space feel larger and airier. Warm colors do the opposite - they make a space feel smaller and cozier. Every color, even whites and blacks, can have cool or warm undertones.

5. Love it - Live with something special that reminds you of people and places you love. Home should feel like a place you truly belong. And that's the whole idea of coziness - that rooms are made for people.

6. Change - Sometimes a change is needed. If you’re needing more space or looking to downsize contact us to help you find that perfect cozy fit for you and your family.